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APRIL FOOLS 2014: The top 10 from across the web

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So it´s that time of year again, when everyone is out to prank one another in the name of April’s Fool’s Day. And this year, some big companies are getting in on the act too. Check out our favorite April’s fools pranks online today!

1.       Google Map

¡Nos encanta! Esta aplicación te deja cazar Pokemon en todo el mundo con Google Maps  e incluso podrás convertirte en el maestro de Pokemon si los encuentras todos. ¡Échale un vistazo al vídeo, que merece la pena!

 2.       WooRank

Introducing: WooRank Air Consultant. Yep, that´s right, freelance SEO consultants who fly to your office in 30 minutes. Check out the FAQ’s for all the details.


3.       Google Adbirds

Users of Google Adwords are logging on this morning to find a new app available – Google Adbirds. You can even choose which bird you want to advertise your company, be it a pigeon, an owl, or even a peguin. Choose where they fly and what you want to be written on their wings!

adbirds owl 4.       Samsung

This solar powered wearable glove is apparently designed for children under 10 or those who wish to be alone.  It even features a digital projector that works in the same way as Spiderman’s webbing.


  • SEO Links in Google

Google announces a ‘fool’proof way of getting your page to the top of the results.

SEO links6.       Google Chromecast

The people behind Google’s latest gadget, that allows you to enjoy online videos and music on your TV, have informed us that a new era of Squirrel entertainment is upon us.

7.       Nest and Virgin

The Total Temperature Control App for Virgin America´s planes is giving heated seats to all passengers at 37000 feet.  See Richard Branson star in the advert!


8.       Reddit

Reddit have come up with a new piece of Head gear that will replace the use of our hands when browsing the web. Check the video for ‘Headdit’ here:


9.       Amazon

The kindle is getting a makeover, as Amazon announce the launch of their Kindle Paperscent – A scented case with old & new book aromas.


10.   Opera browser

Cats by Opera is the new browser designed especially for cats, allowing them to read the news, look up recipes or even take ‘selfies’. Check the video here:

What is your favourite one?

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  1. Daniel said on

    Excelente artículo, muy constructivo e interesante, soy un gran fan de la web, me gusta mucho porque veo y aprende cosas diferentes, cosas que son difíciles a veces de entender además de entretenidas. Saludos.

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