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Brighton SEO September 2013 Recap #brightonseo

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Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of September we attended Brighton SEO. It once again was an amazing event, with some very interesting presentations and great speakers. One of them being our own Jan-Willem Bobbink, who spoke about The Other Search Engines. Continue reading for a recap of the most interesting sessions we attended!

Session 1: International – Next Step World Domination

International Link Curation – Kevin Gibbons – Blueglass.co.uk

First up was Kevin Gibbon who spoke (instead of Chelsea  from Blueglass) about International Link Curation. He stated that a one fits all approach simply doesn’t work. Just translating a piece of content or linkbait is not enough: you still need local knowledge. But be aware you don’t just start of like that, you need a wider digital strategy in order to reach a centralized approach. He continued with some International SEO tips on how to do this and some tips per country on how to approach bloggers and website owners. All of this you can find in his slideshare presentation.

The Other Search Engines – Jan-Willem Bobbink – Internet Advantage

Our own Jan-Willem spoke about Baidu, Yandex and some other search engines being good potential competitors for search engine giant Google. In the search engine landscape, there are just 5 countries / regions where Google is not market leader in terms of number of searches per month. He started off by digging into the Chinese market, an e-commerce market that is growing incredibly fast. But also a challenging market, because of the internet censorship. Russia followed, where Yandex represents a share of 62% and Google just gets away with a 26% market share. He ended his presentation with US based search engines Blekko and DuckDuckgo and some other, smaller search engines.


Session 2: Creative – Get people talking, sharing & linking

Video Hacks – Phil Nottingham –Distilled

Phil started by saying that creating a video doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. But don’t create video for the sake of it. You should use it when it is the right form of content for an idea. Other excuses like “I don’t have the skills” are not valid according to Phil, because there are plenty of good and cheap freelancers who can help you and besides that, there are many online resources that can help you creating your quality video content. The three main goals of creating a video are conversions & traffic, brand awareness and links & social shares.  Phil shared some very interesting tips, one of them solving the problem of when people embed a YouTube video and they don’t link to your site. Solution? Wistia, a tool that automatically includes a link back to your domain! More tips & tricks can be found in this slide share presentation.

 The rules of The Game: 6 tips for successful outreach –Danny Ashton – NeoMam Studios

 Danny took us on a life long seduction trip, and basically compared the whole process of outreach with dating. In summary, all stages of seduction and thus outreach include:

Vulnerability: ask for feedback from others

  1. Honest communication: it will help building relationships
  2. Affinity: find affinities and try outreach also other than the obvious topics
  3. Overcoming fear: don’t be afraid in outreach; nothing ventured nothing gained!
  4. Rejection: don’t take it personally, there can be many reasons for rejection.
  5. Confidence: try new techniques!

Linkbuilding that seemed like a good idea at the time – Paul Madden – Link Risk

Paul emphasized the fact that linkbuilding has evolved so quickly that earlier placed links might not be as great as we thought back then. With a good sense of humor he gave us some tips on cleaning up a link profile and told us what the big no no’s are. When cleaning up your link profile, there are certain things you should pay special attention to. For example, get rid of the article sites, directories and obvious paid links. Just use common sense and think according to Google’s standards and don’t let your personal opinion interfere!

 Session 3: Links – Because Google still love’em

Low cost linkbuilding with juicy juicy data – Stacy Cavanagh – Tecmark

 Stacy spoke about low cost linkbuilding and the best ways to gather good quality data. When telling a story, it is best to use self sourced data. Stacy came up with some great tips for low cost linkbuilding, and with the term low cost she was talking about money. You do need to invest the right amount of time in order to make it a success. She showed us a success case of a survey she did and also included some tips on low cost survey responses, by using tools like Google consumer surveys and Google analytics.

Make your PR idea  a National SEO success – Keith White – The Eventa Group

Keith probably gave the most energetic presentation of the day. By piggybacking on the Valentine’s Day hype Keith looked at it from another angle. Instead of searching for the most romantic couple, he went for the best straight male couple in the campaign called ‘Bromance before Romance’. The winners would spend a weekend together in Brighton with everything a man can dream of: an Xbox in the hotel room, drinks, personalized bathrobes, and more toys for boys. By joining forces with the online magazine ’Nuts’ and by creating special landing pages on their own site the campaign got an instant boost. The 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, the winners were announced (two guys who spend 98% of their time together and yes, they both have girlfriends!). They took some awesome pictures and sent out a press release that was picked up by a lot of national and international websites which resulted in a lot of natural links. As a result rankings were boosted and now they rank nr. 1 at all mayor keywords.

Session 4: Lighting talks – 7 Minute super-practical talks

These 7 minute talks were a bit of everything, from links to strategies and technical stuff. All presented according to the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) formula. Two of them stood out for us.

How we plan editorial at BBC Sport – Paul Blunkett – BBC Sport

Paul has a job that most of the guys in the audience are jealous of. He combines the two hobbies that most of them have: SEO and Sports. Basically he is responsible for the on-page content planning of BBC Sport and his goal is to rank for mayor sports events like ‘World Cup 2014’. He plays with keywords in titles, SEO friendly texts, creating specific landing pages and inspiring content for all mayor sports events.

How five ski companies built links with great content – Iain Martin – Skipedia Travel Marketing

Ian took us on a tour around his world: The world of winter sports. It is a big and competitive market so the content ideas have to be big and effective. He told us about Skippy from Idaho, an infographic from Snowskool, Epic Mix from Vail Resorts (US), a French metro station that turned into a ski lift and about a backflipping mini on a ski slope!


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