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Adjustments in Google Analytics made in July

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In July, Google Analytics updated some features like ‘Remarketing’, ‘Experiments’ and ‘Page Value’. What do these updates imply and why is this convenient?

 Remarketing in Google Analytics instead of Google AdWords

This summer, Google will integrate Google Remarketing into Google Analytics. With this feature you will be able to make remarketing lists in Google Analytics based on page viewed, visit duration and completed goals.  These remarketing lists will be sent automatically to Google AdWords. Tagging the pages individually belongs to the past and this will save you a lot of time.

You use  the Admin tab, in the upper corner of the Google Analytics interface. You need to be an account ‘Administrator’ to get access.

Optimize your content with the aid of ‘Experiments’

‘Experiments’ is now available in every Google Analytics account. With the aid of ‘Experiments‘ you can test different pages and find out which page will generate the most conversions. This feature enables some new exciting improvements: the ability to copy experiments and using the same URL’s on different variations.

Besides, they also enlarged the reports with Site Usage (Avg. Time on Page, Page views and Bounce Rate), Goal Set and Ecommerce tabs. As a consequence, you gain more insight into your experiment.

‘Page Value’

The name of the metric $Index changed into ‘Page Value’. The definition of this metric stayed the same: it gains an insight into the value of a specific page. This metric will be calculated by dividing the e-commerce turnover as well as the goal value by the unique page views which have been viewed during the sale.

To see this metric you need to have installed an e-commerce or you need to have defined your goal value. You can see the value on all pages using the tab ‘Content’.

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