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Search Engine Advertising


To improve the visibility on the Internet is the desire of any business and to use the search engines is an excellent way to do it. With an adequate Search Marketing strategy, we can improve the traffic to our website and achieve quality, increase sales and other actions that we look for in our customers, to improve our brand image…

How can Internet Advantage help you?

We have more than 10 years of experience as a consultant of Online Marketing and Marketing in search engines. We specialize in the creation and maintenance of search engine advertising campaigns for our clients to optimize their investment.

All the consultants of our multi lingual team at Internet Advantage hold an official certification from Google Adwords and they are specialists in handling high volume accounts. In addition, Google confirms our quality: during 2012 we participated in benchmarking in the sector of search engine advertising in Spain and we are above average in practically all analyzed aspects, emphasizing our ability to track the conversions, the effective use of remarketing and our  analysis ability.

Source: Google Spain


Our working method is structured to providing an optimized service to our client, regardless of the stage you are at in your account, even if it does not exist yet.

Each account holds an optimization process and individualized control, we are always searching for the highest possible return.

Search Engines

Thanks to ads they show the different search engines, businesses can reach their clients in a selective and focalized way.

The ads are displayed when the user types in a keyword search relating to our products.

It stresses the possibility to only pay when someone has clicked on our ad, so that investment in advertising is only intended for those who are really interested in it.


Based on the concept of “Push Marketing”, the ad in the Display Network is the perfect complement to where we are placed in the search engines.

Thanks to this, the ads do not only show when the user does a particular search, but also when browsing a site relating to our sector.

It also has the added advantage that the ads can have many more attractive formats than the simple text.


Thanks to remarketing, we can maximize the results of our campaigns, and achieve a greater brand image.

This function, combined with the Display Network, is based on heavy customization, offering the product to people that demonstrate an interest for it, which increases the relevance of the message.

PPC on Facebook

By taking advantage of the enormous impact that Facebook has in the current landscape, and its incredible potential, we offer the possibility to create advertising campaigns that network, using highly segmented advertising and focused on the target audience of the company. This ensures that advertising will be seen by the very interested potential clients in the product or service.

Consultancy/Auditory Firm

Due to the continuous changes in the online environment, even companies that have internal staff to manage their campaigns, may need specific support, or continued support, for the execution of their objectives.

We offer support, both in the medium and long term, as well as punctual consultancy in 2nd opinion form, for this the campaign can obtain the best results possible.

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