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PPC on Facebook

Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the most developed social networks with the highest impact across every country.

This network has a database of more than 900 million profiles and valuable information for advertisers, allowing us to target our ads to the section of the population that best fits our product or message. This is done by means of Facebook’s powerful demographic and technographic segmentation capabilities.

On Facebook we can promote our website, our Facebook page, an event that we have created or an application.

Facebook offers us 2 main promotion possibilities:

  • The ads, used to promote a website, products, services, special offers…
  • Sponsored stories, which consist of recommendations of the brand made by your friends on the site.

Facebook users can interact with the client’s ad as with other Facebook content, without leaving the page they are on. In addition, users that see the client’s ad can get to the Facebook page through the ad itself, which automatically creates a history on the user’s profile page and possibly on the homepage of their friends, generating free distribution for the client.

So that the campaigns are effective, there must be consistency between the segment we are addressing, the ad shown and the target page. There must be relation between these 3 elements if we want the user to complete the desired action.

There are different types of segmentation: age, education level, income level… together with the client we decide who the target audience is, on whom we focus the campaigns.

At Internet Advantage we consider it important to rely on an independent tool and not limit ourselves to Facebook’s interface in order to improve work efficiency. For this we use the tool Upcast to serve as interface for the management and optimization of the client’s Facebook campaigns.

Advantages of Upcast

  • Multivariate ad testing: Upcast is able to generate multiple variations of ads also showing the results in order to see which messages work best.
  • It is able to separate the target segment into different areas, allowing us to analyze the performance of each one.
  • Can work alongside other tools such as Google Analytics in order to standardize data and improve optimization.
  • Produces reports based on Facebook metrics in real time, adaptable to the needs of the client.
  • Upcast is synchronized with Facebook so that the changes are updated immediately.


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