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SEO: targeted customer acquisition via the internet

We don´t need to explain to you what SEO represents anymore. Internet Advantage ensures that your website is optimally findable among top positions in search engines, which is the least you can expect. But it all boils down to the advantages that this offers you (we live up to our name, Internet Advantage’ . The biggest advantage obviously is the fact that SEO, if properly deployed, is the online marketing channel with the highest possible ROI. And that’s precisely what makes it so interesting. Search engine optimization allows you to specifically focus on a target audience, which is already actively searching for your products or services. The relatively inexpensive, organic traffic that you attract to your site with SEO often results in a high conversion. And that’s exactly the way we like it.

Profitable positions at the top of the search engine results

Internet Advantage helps you to optimize the onpage and offpage performances. Texts, technical structure, source code: we handle everything. Because the search engines place an increasingly higher value on offpage performances, we improve them via link marketing and social media. Our specialists ensure that your business holds profitable positions in the top of the search engine results.

Our work method

Internet Advantage follows a fixed step-by-step plan:

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Website analysis
  3. Optimisation website
  4. Linkmarketing
  5. Training

Keyword analysis

On the basis of thorough keyword research, we will determine on which keywords we will focus and how the competition performs. This way we can develop a keyword strategy that meets your objectives. A good start of the optimisation process is more than half the battle.

Website analysis

We will analyse your website by examining the technical structure and source codes. The internal links and the speed of the site will be tested as well.

Optimisation website

Subsequently, we will prepare a list of points where the site can be optimised. Internet Advantage can do this for you, but we can also provide you with a report, on the basis of which you can implement the optimisation changes yourself or appoint another party.


Links are an important factor for the visibility of each website. Our experts are happy to assist you in setting up a linkmarketing strategy and in obtaining quality links.


Internet Advantage provides customised training. Our specialists will train you and your team in all the facets of SEO.

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