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Social community management

Being active on social networks

Do you want to play a role on social networks and interact with your target audience? Then you should participate in an active and structural way. And yes, it takes time, and the average manager doesn’t have time to spare. The social media consultants of Internet Advantage gladly take the work off your hands. By an effective implementation of social community management, we will ensure that your company is successfully presented on social media.

What is social community management?

Social community management means that, for the most part, you delegate the maintenance of the contact with your customers and target audience via social communities to a professional organisation. Internet Advantage is your partner in the field of social community management. We actively maintain the contact with your target audience and analyse it carefully. This allows us to identify the most influential persons and opinion leaders and encourage them to participate. We take care of your contacts from start to finish and will make your social media strategy a success.

Focus on your customer relationship

An optimal customer relationship is a long term relationship. Such a relationship can only be achieved by stimulating and maintaining it. Social media provides an ideal platform for this purpose. They are easily accessible to your customers and they are visible to others as well. Hence, potential customers can see how you deal with your customers. Internet Advantage maintains the contact with your customers via social media, and invests in long-term customer relationships between you and your (potential) customers.

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