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Web Analytics


Gaining insight in the impact of your site by means of web analytics

Surely You would like to know how your website is performing. Internet Advantage converts data from Web Analytics into useful information, allowing for the optimisation of your website performance and online campaigns. By properly analysing the behaviour of your visitors, you will know exactly how changes on your website affect its performance or which advertisements deliver the most returns. We can play a guiding, advising or supporting role, according to your needs or requirements.

How do we make your web analytics program work for you?

Insight in the online results

Web analytics allows you to gain a clear insight in your online results. We will help you to set up the analytics process, and our experts will translate the data into comprehensible reports. This way, you will be able to see clearly which results contribute to the strategic objectives and which adjustments are necessary in order to improve them; since, after having determined your online goals, you naturally want to know whether they have been achieved or not. Our web analytics consultants provide you with comprehensible results. This way, you gain a perfect insight in your online effectivity. Measuring is knowing!

Behaviour of visitors

Do you know at which points the visitors drop off or at which points they are stimulated to continue to click? We will help you to understand user behaviour, so that you will be able to optimise the conversion. Web analytics helps you to understand exactly what visitors do (and don’t do) on your website and what needs to be improved, in order to achieve maximise results from your web site.

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