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A/B Test and Multivariate Test

A/B Tests

By carrying out A/B tests, we test the differences in conversion on a page when we change 1 element. The software shows the visitor 1 of the 2 or more different variants of a specific page. Using Google Website Optimizer, we measure which variant delivers the most conversions. Subsequently, we implement this variant on your website, since it works demonstrably better than the other versions.

Multivariate tests

Using multivariate tests, we compare various adapted elements simultaneously. If a particular page appears to work better, variations of that page will be tested. A comprehensive test of many small variations and combinations will be performed. This shows, for example, which button works best on your page and which text should be applied to that button. For example, does ‘free’ work better than ‘without obligations’? Any minor change is defined as a separate variable. This allows us to test a large number of combinations of different elements.

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